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Lexi Rivera
Lexi Rivera

Alexa Brooke Rivera, also known as Lexi Rivera is a social media personality known for her presence on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Lexi Rivera’s gained popularity through her lifestyle vlogs, challenges, and collaborations with other influencers, particularly within the content creator group known as the “Vlog Squad.” Rivera often shares her daily life, travels, fashion, and fitness routines with her followers. She’s also recognized for her relationship with fellow YouTuber and content creator, Ben Azelart. Lexi Rivera is a 21 Years old famous model, Lexi Rivera is also known as Lexi Brooke Rivera. Her real name is Alexa Brooke Rivera.

Lexi Rivera Real Name

Lexi Rivera’s real name is Alexa Brooke Rivera. She’s a popular social media personality known for her content on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Lexi Rivera Age and Birthday

Lexi Rivera was born on June 7, 2001, so as of now, she would be 22 years old.

Lexi Rivera Biography

Lexi Rivera is a social media influencer, YouTuber, and actress who gained prominence through her engaging content on various platforms. Born on June 7, 2001, in California, she’s best known for her YouTube channel, where she creates vlogs, challenges, and lifestyle content.

lexi rivera
lexi rivera

Rivera became popular on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok for her engaging personality, fashion sense, and relatable content. She’s part of the social media collective known as the “Hype House,” a collaborative group of content creators based in Los Angeles. This association further boosted her visibility and audience reach.

Her YouTube channel, launched in 2010, steadily grew in popularity, showcasing her daily life, adventures, and collaborations with fellow YouTubers. Rivera often collaborates with her brother Brent Rivera, who is also a prominent social media personality.

NameAlexa Brooke Rivera
Date Of Birth (Age)7th June 2001, 22 years old
Net Worth<$2 Million
Spouse/PartnerAndrew Davila
Lexi Rivera

Beyond her digital presence, Lexi has ventured into acting, appearing in web series and short films. She’s known for her bubbly personality, fashion choices, and ability to connect with her audience, which has helped her amass a large following across various platforms.

Lexi Rivera Net Worth

Lexi Rivera estimated net worth of $2 million aligns with the earnings of successful influencers in that space. They can monetize their popularity through various avenues, contributing to their overall wealth.

Lexi Rivera Family and Boyfriend

Lexi Rivera family includes her parents, John and Sheri, and her siblings, Brent Rivera (her brother, also a social media influencer), Brice, and Blake. Regarding her boyfriend, her relationship status might have changed since my last update. As of then, she hadn’t publicly disclosed any romantic relationship or boyfriend.

Lexi Rivera Height and Weight and Body Measurements

The height of Lexi Rivera is 5 feet 1 inch. The charismatic personality of Lexi Rivera makes her a good fit for her height as well. Furthermore, her body measurements are 34-28-35, her bra size is 34C, and she has a shoe size of 5 (US). She has blonde hair and brown eyes when it comes to her physical appearance. She also has white skin, which gives her an impression of being young and beautiful.

Lexi Rivera Body About

Lexi Rivera body measurements are 34-28-35. The height of Lexi Rivera is 5 feet 1 inch and Weight is 52 kg.

Lexi Rivera Nationality and Religion

Lexi Rivera is an American social media influencer known for her content on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. As for her nationality, she is American. Regarding her religion, there isn’t much publicly available information about her specific religious beliefs or practices.

Lexi Rivera Social Media Presence

Lexi Rivera is a well-known social media influencer known for her presence on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. She initially gained popularity through her engaging content on YouTube, where she shares vlogs, challenges, lifestyle content, and collaborations with friends and fellow influencers.

Instagram8.4 million
TikTok25.4 million
YouTube11.6 million

Rivera’s dominance on social media is very evident with over 25.4 million TikTok followers, on Instagram Lexi Rivera has over 8.4 million followers, and on YouTube, she has over 11.6 million subscribers.